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DORIS F. MOSLEY, VMax Director of Education, is an accomplished cosmetologist, stylist, entrepreneur, educator, inspirational speaker, and industry trailblazer.  She is the founder of the Look-n-Learn Seminars – an education and motivational approach to hair cutting, styling and healthy hair and beauty. She has traveled throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean sharing her knowledge. She has received numerous awards and is featured in several industry magazines. Doris keeps her own professional edge in her salon, located in Inglewood, California.

Doris is also the Founder and CEO of Spectrum International Beauty Expo. The Expo is approaching its twelfth year and is on the target edge of being the largest multi-cultural, educationally based health and beauty Expo on the West Coast. Doris’ favorite words of encouragement are “Let motivation lead you to education.” And lead she has, too many to list, but on top of her list are her daughters, Emmy Nominated, Lillie S. Frierson-King, Cosmetology/Educator, Anastasia Mosley, Esthetician/Educator and her son, John J. Mosley, Barber/Educator.

Doris holds monthly meetings entitled Living on Colors (“LOC”), a healthy living support group at the salon because she realizes that being healthy and staying healthy is the key: ~~LOC for life!~~ 

Doris has been an instrumental asset in research and development  and huge supporter of VMax products.  She holds classes in over 10 cities nationwide teaching her students the VMax method and VMax certification courses, where "healthy hair is our goal!"

Doris F. Mosley, 

VMax Director of Education 

Melvin Phillips, 

Co Founder 

Creative Director

Los Angeles-based VMax Hair Products was created in 2013 by founder and creative director Melvin "MAX" Phillips and co-founder Vered Nisim, an international beauty/apparel industry icon.

The VMax brand is increasingly evolving into the new standard in hair augmentation by bringing an innovative product line to a long standing demand for all natural, time-saving products and methods previously unaddressed.  The decision to venture into this market was one of necessity.
Phillips history includes, founder of such exclusive market ventures as The Hair Show Salon, during the 80's and Los Angeles based TBS Motorsports & Repair Center, one of the first and few high-end custom auto body shops catering to many celebrities for over 20 years. 
Phillips founded Kayla Kanane Hair, in 2005, an African American owned company originated for the sole purpose of providing the consumer with a choice.

The community has come to know Phillips as an individual who actually gets involved with the community and has a genuine concern for the well-being of African American citizens.
Phillips has been involved in numerous community outreach programs.  Recently, on a mission of love, Phillips and his seven-year old granddaughter Trinity, founded the Pretty F.A.C.E. Project (People - Fighting Against Cancer Everyday) in hopes to touch the lives of those that are faced with this adversity.  Pretty F.A.C.E. is a non-profit organization that is structured to bring high quality wigs to women and children who are suffering from cancer.

During the course of their work,  collective research extending from their client base clearly indicated that more specialized products were in order. That gave rise to the inception of a portfolio of intellectual property, structured by IP specialist Ellis, which now are the core elements of VMax Hair Products.    
VMax is now exclusively poised to uniquely cater to ALL hair augmentation users,  via the VMax product line. 

VMax Hair Products, Inc  corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Los Angeles California.