Wendy Raquel Robinson and VMax Co-Founder Melvin Phillips 

Claudia Jordan, Kim Chapman, Andrea Kelly, Mimi Faust and Dominique Scott with the VMax Team at the Sheen Magazine Gala

Danielle Milian and VMax team at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Demetria McKinney At the Grammys 

Loving her VanishMax!

VMax Bronner Brothers Show,  Atlanta 2015.  VMax takes to the stage for the Bronner Champions of Weave Competition wowing them ALL!

Celebrity Stylist Derek Jay 

VMax Booth Bronner Bros Show 2015

Demetria McKinney RHOA, Melvin "MAX" and Vered Nisim at VMax Booth Bronner Show Atlanta 2015

“VMax is definitely a game changer for the weave industry, empowering women to save their natural hair with this dissolving thread system!” -Doris Mosley, National Certified Educator

“I’ve never seen anything like this! This is what our industry has needed for so long!”  -Cherity Sampson, our favorite Celebrity Stylist 

“The thread was so easy to use, just like regular weave thread.  Then when it was time to take it down, it literally took seconds for the thread to dissolve!"  -Fashion Hendricks, NYC Stylist and Blogger

“The thread dissolved, just like that in just a few seconds.  Removed the extensions in just seconds, this will change the way we do things moving forward.”  -Piny Benzaken, Celebrity Stylist

"Most Innovative Product.  Will most definitely change the weave industry"  -BehindtheChair.com


Stylist Testimonials!

Viola Davis at Golden Globes Lounge with

VMax VanishMax team

Tamala Jones at Golden Globes Lounge          "VanishMax is THE BOMB!"

Celebrity Shout Outs!

VanishMax® Now Available At Sally Beauty Supply Nationwide! 

VMax Director or Education Doris Mosley 

with Angela Simmons at BET Experience 2015 and LoveHealthy.org

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